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"I have been with this team for 8 years. I have many health issues and have found the physical therapy, massage therapy and therapeutic yoga to be effective and soothing. (Christie is the best receptionist, ever). These are highly skilled professionals and extraordinary human beings."
Oct 07, 2022
"I have been coming to the Wellness Bank for a little over a year now. When I first started I had been told I needed a new right hip joint put in. Not being a fan of surgery I sought out physical therapy as an alternative. I have worked with several of the therapists at the Wellness Bank now and can say they have changed my life. My injury/arthritis had affected not only my physical being but my mental as well. Denise and her team are extremely talented and professional and through consistent work with them and on my own I have been able to get back to the activities that I love beach volleyball and tennis at a high level. If you have told me 7 months ago that I would be able to play these sports 2-3 times per week at a good level I would not have believed you. I am so thankful to have a plan and team behind my wellness and a bank of tools to keep the injuries away. Thank you Denise, I thought of you yesterday as we won a volleyball tourney in Hermosa and I never could have done it without you."
Oct 25, 2020
"Sara's acupuncture and bodywork is outstanding! She helped to restore balance to my body when I was feeling immunosuppressed and had extremely tight neck and upper back muscles. Sara has a vast knowledge of many forms of alternative medicine, and uses a wide array of hands-on techniques. She is extremely caring and goes out of her way to make sure that her patients feel better - she even gave me a batch of her homemade green soup to help my body heal. I would recommend Sara to anyone hoping to improve their overall well-being."
Jul 29, 2020

Being an athlete my whole life, my body was in pretty bad shape with constantly nagging pain. After spending a few months working with Denise, I couldn’t believe the difference in my body and how good I was feeling. The every day aches and pains were gone. She helped me re-align my body and function as it was intended. Then, after undergoing knee surgery, Denise was able to help me create a rehab strategy to bring my knee back to full strength. Now I am able to move like I did back in my early 20’s, all thanks to Denise. -Joshua H.

Thank you so much for all your help getting me back on the road and able to run my half marathon this past Sunday. As much as running is a solitary endeavor, one does need support and you were invaluable in getting my leg strong enough to handle the 13.1 miles in three weeks! Next up is the 200 mile Ragnar Relay in April. Can’t wait to feel even stronger for that race! -Derek L.

I started treatment with The Wellness Bank after and automobile accident. My orthopedic surgeon highly recommended Denise Chyette, and I was delighted to discover her unique, holistic approach. Our sessions integrated Pilates, strength training, flexibility, and home exercises, which work synergistically to create total wellness. I am happy to report that I’ve gotten excellent results – my pain is decreased, my posture is improved, and I feel much stronger. I haven’t felt this good in a long time! -Shannon H.

I’ve had arthritis in my knees for over 25 years. After a recent surgery, you helped me to manage the pain while improving my strength and balance. I’m back to taking daily, long walks on the beach. I have a home program with stretches and strengthening exercises to keep me strong and prevent exacerbation of my arthritis. -Sue Y.

The Wellness Bank’s integrated approach has successfully improved my back strength, decreased my pain, and allowed me to do things I haven’t been able to do in years – including sitting in a movie theater, taking long walks, and going to the gym. For the first time since my accident I see a real improvement, and am optimistic that I can now lead a more normal life. -Jose G.

Thank you all for being my cheerleader. I never knew I could IMPROVE on my balance issues...I hope I will continue to progress. I’ll be going back to Stanford For more testing next year and hopefully it won’t mess up what I’ve improved on. THINK POSITIVE is my motto so it can only get better THANKS to TAMI,DAVE and yourself. I look forward to my PT and hope I can keep it going’s all of you that makes reaching my GOAL a lot faster and easier. Thank you for putting up with me, too. -Irene T.

Thank you so much for working with me to the point where I feel better than I have in decades! My bucket list includes “run a mile” and one day I will, but at least now I know I can do it without pain! Working with you has been fun, HARD, but fun and I know I made the right decision to drive to Manhattan Beach to work with you rather than take my chances closer to home. -Susan S.

I am feeling 100% better and been traveling a ton back and forth to China lately. I am feeling so good that I am starting Crossfit next week. I will let you know if it acts up again. Hope all is well and thank you SO much for making my life better! -Jeff W.

Before I came to The Wellness Bank I had lost all my hope to feel pain-free ever again. After a car accident, I tried different doctors, endless medications, and various physical therapy places but unfortunately, nothing was helping me with my headache, neck pain and back pain. I am so grateful to Dr. Lee Kissel who referred me to Denise Chyette (a Doctor of Physical Therapy) at The Wellness Bank. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical to try yet another “physical therapy” place. At that time, I did not believe that anything would work to alleviate my pain. With that in mind, I arrived at The Wellness Bank and was greeted by Denise whose energy and bright smile made me return for the second visit. In addition, I liked the fact that there was convenient free parking in the back. Also, the place was bright, clean, and spacious. Denise suggested that I see “Tami” and, boy, was I glad she did! After a few sessions with Tamara Gatinel, my pain was going away! It was like a miracle! She explained to me that in addition to Pilates, she practices CranioSacral therapy which is using gentle touch to relieve pain and dysfunction in the body to promote self-healing. Today, I am not in pain anymore. I keep returning to Tami to maintain and enhance the sense of wellbeing. If you are one of those people who think they are a hopeless case because nothing has worked for you in the past, I recommend you try The Wellness Bank. -E.F.

I highly recommend Denise and The Wellness Bank Team. I had an injury 2 years ago and just recently again for ankle and knee injury related to exercise. I have had an amazing recovery with the care and knowledge of rehabilitating sports related injuries. Denise worked with me to get back into my fitness routine. I recommend The Wellness Bank to anyone without hesitation. -Trina G.

In years of seeking health professionals whose concern matched my own of keeping me well I have never felt so aligned with anyone as I did with David. He acknowledges the whole person and address issues as such. His knowledge of different modalities to assist in staying healthy makes the Wellness Bank a one stop shop for health! So glad I found this treasure! -Joan F.

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